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'Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Here it is! Many thanks to all who contributed to the Christmas writing challenge. All of you managed to capture some aspect of Christmas, in a broad range of interesting and imaginative ways. Many struggled to recreate a similar rhythm to the original poem (dada DUM dadaDUM dadaDUM dadaDUM), so I've adapted some of the lines by adding or removing syllables. Also, in order to tell an overall story, I had to tweak the meaning slightly - the end result is inspired by the lines that were contributed rather than being an exact copy.

The different colours denote the students who inspired that particular line - initial letter of your name & age. Many thanks to: L11 T10 D9 En10 Ev10 D11 N11 L11 & H7 K10 S10

I hope you can recognise your contributions, albeit tweaked slightly! I have attempted to blend them together, with my own contributions being in black. This is it:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, there was not a sound,

From a mouse nor a turtle hurtling around.

The dogs they lay dozing, the tabby cat purred

At the smells of the baking and carols they heard.

And lying aside of the hearth as it glowed

They basked in its warmth, while outside it snowed.

The Christmas lights twinkled, the tinsel it shone,

The stockings were hung for it wouldn’t be long

before Santa would visit, to each child bestow

sugar plums, gifts and some mistletoe.

Mama had settled me snug in my bed,

Though I longed for my stocking, all decked in red.

Tossing and turning, I just couldn’t quell

the excitement that lingered, I knew it so well.

When I suddenly noticed my sneaky old elf

had mysteriously moved from his place on the shelf!

Then I spied near the window a shift in the drape,

So I leapt to the ledge where I found Elf agape.

The crescent-shaped moon cast a luminous glow

On the objects below it, all dusted with snow.

Then glancing up yonder, I spied through the mist

the magical moment for which I had wished.

Silhouetted by moonlight, a sparkling trail

Came a convoy of reindeer, the night express mail.

With a fat jolly Santa who beckoned them on

I knew in an instant, unless I was wrong,

That he’d visit the houses of each girl and boy

Spreading magic and wishes and maybe a toy.

Descending at speed to the snowy white plane,

On the roof top he landed; I heard him exclaim:

Come Rudolf! Come Gandolf ! Come Bilbo! Come Bird!

The weirdest names I ever have heard.

I caught not the rest, a strange thing indeed,

But carrots aplenty I’d left for their feed.

And mince pie and whisky for Santa Claus too

And in case he was hungry, some vegetable stew.

The dogs started twitching, the tabby cat stirred

at the sound of the jingle bells presently heard.

In silence they waited, for somehow they sensed

that this guest was a good sort, no malice was meant.

Then down with a thud he descended at once

And landed all sooted with plenty of grunts.

From the top of the landing I spied through a crack

As he sampled the treats, then undid his sack.

And filling each stocking with beautiful things:

Anime figures and dragons with wings,

Mechanical turtles and candy canes too,

in purple and silver and mystical blue.

With the presents delivered and mince pies diminished,

Santa then left, his job was now finished.

At the morning of Christmas when I had just stirred,

I ran down the stairs as swift as a bird.

“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! The stockings are filled!”

A warmth spread within me though outside was chilled.

Then pausing a moment, I spied upon mine

A handwritten note in letters so fine:

“I know you were watching so next time be sure,

to creep down the stairs and knock on the door -

I’ll give you a ride in my magical sleigh,

Merry Christmas to all, have a wonderful day!”

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