My daughter was always above average and finds learning easy. But coming from a state primary school, I didn’t feel she was being stretched (no fault of the school as the class was very mixed ability and much attention was given to the underperforming students).  I felt she was at a disadvantage compared to children from private schools (I am told that prep schools give very specific exam practice to help their students progress to the senior school).  I wanted to give my daughter a fighting chance. She did so well and we are so grateful for Vicky's help! In the end she accepted the place at Wimbledon High but also had offers from JAGS and a few grammar schools. I have no doubt that Vicky helped her achieve her goal, not just to pass the exam but after she started at the school. Many of the other students already knew how to write essays but for my daughter this was very much a new skill. Five stars to Vicky!   

[Parent of Melina, age 11]

I don’t like writing but I like seeing stories by other children and the stories that Vicky writes.  This helps me see what kind of stories I need to write.    Sometimes she gets us to tick parts of a story we like or if we see parts that can be improved. I feel like how an examiner might think and this helps me think about my writing in a better way.     

                                                          [Edward, 10]

Other offers that my students have received include: Dulwich College, Latymer Upper, Christ Hospital, Putney High School,  Sutton Grammar,  Wallington County Grammar, Streatham & Clapham High School and Tiffin Girls'.


Vicky helps me with  maths and reading comprehension. I feel  a lot more confident at school and I really enjoy the lessons too.

[Ahmad, age 9]

My daughter was preparing for the 11+. She’s very bright but the exams are so competitive! I needed to make sure she was doing the very best that she is capable of.  Vicky pointed out areas that could be improved and explained gaps in her knowledge. As an anxious parent, Vicky was on hand if I needed to discuss anything. Hannah passed several grammar school tests and was offered bursary places at 3 independent schools (including one scholarship!). She took the place at Wimbledon High School but also had offers from Putney High School and JAGS. We are very proud and very grateful of all the help Vicky gave us.


[Parent/Hannah, 11]

My son finds it very difficult to focus. Vicky shows him a way to study that works for him. His teacher at school has noticed an improvement in his maths and English. She even read out one of his stories in class!!  My son has a lot more confidence now. Vicky gives very clear explanations and praises the good parts and helps him through the parts he finds more difficult.

[Parent of Elija, 10]

Usually we use the Bond books and can check the answers ourselves. But we don’t speak English at home and some of the questions have lots of ways to answer.  Vicky lets us send photos to whats app and they go over them together.  It’s efficient way and she always explains very well.  We are very happy with her service and will give a high recommendation. Thank you so much😊 

                                                           [Parent of KM, 9]

Awesome!! Vicky helps me with English and maths. She shows me a different way to think about it and makes it easy to understand. I look forward to the lessons each week.

 [NN, 9 ]