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Spot the pun! You may or may not have made new year's resolutions to start the year as you intend to go on. For those of you who are preparing for 11 plus exams, might I suggest (if you are not already doing so) that you dedicate 15 minutes of each day to building up your vocabulary. The trick is to find a time when you're always free, such as straight after dinner. Further suggestions and recommended resources can be found on my blog: 10 Ways to Build up your Vocabulary

'Resolution' can also refer to the concluding paragraph of a story. It's where you make sense of the story and should be directly relevant to the title. It may take the form of an unexpected twist, or you may reveal 'the moral of the story'. Do you know any other ending types? Give it some thought, browse your favourite stories, then compare your ideas with those in the following resource:

10 ways to end a story (short version)
Download PDF • 294KB


Help me finish my story! I don't remember the initial inspiration for this story; I wrote it a while ago. It is, however, unfinished. I have the basic idea but would like to invite students to put it into words. I have already written a couple of sentences of the final paragraph - you may either run with the idea, or completely re-write the final paragraph with your own idea.

The Wrong Side of Bed (add ending)
Download PDF • 34KB

So your task is:

1) Study the '10 ways to end a story' and watch the accompanying YouTube video.

2) Read my story.

3) Add an ending.

Submit to:

Deadline: Sunday 6th February 2022.

Bonus question:

Which artist painted the following picture, and what is their connection with my story?

I hope you enjoyed the story and I look forward to reading your imaginative resolutions!

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