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Let's be honest - motivating yourself to study can often feel like a chore. Therefore, this month I would like to share some strategies that can minimise the very human tendency to PROCRASTINATE.

Firstly - find a good study space; make it your own. Ideally, you will have your own desk and a comfortable chair in a quiet part of the house (avoid communal rooms with distractions such as TV). Make sure you have all the basic tools at your disposal. This should include: a notebook, pens (different colours), a highlighter, ruler and so on. Take your time when making notes and make them visually appealing - this will help anchor the information more firmly into your brain. A laptop/digital device is of course preferable, and a dictionary/thesaurus is also useful - although you may find online research tools more efficient and engaging.

Secondly - get into a good study routine. For example, for 15 minutes every day (e.g. before or after dinner) dedicate yourself to building up your vocabulary. Perhaps you are systematically working your way through a vocab book (don't forget to check your answers straight after!) or trying to beat your score on Quizlet. For further ideas & resources to develop your vocabulary, you may wish to read my blog post specifically dedicated to this: Once in a routine, it no longer feels like such a chore and learning will become a whole lot more effective. Believe me.

Thirdly - adorn the walls surrounding your study space with inspirational posters. It helps if you have a printer, but hand written posters can be as/more effective. Here, I share with you 3 of my favourites:

i) Descriptive Verbs - to remind you to use interesting words when writing

ii) Read like a Detective - to help you get into the right frame of mind for reading comprehensions

iii) Mathematical Formulae (GCSE) - because some questions are so easy, IF you've taken measures to memorise some basic information (it's surprising how many people don't). Stick it in a place where you see it often (next to the mirror while brushing your teeth?). It doesn't take much effort, but could end up making the difference between one grade and another, between a pass grade or a fail. The attached poster is a work in progress - I'm using it with a student of mine and adding formulae as they come up (he has also printed it out and is adding to it by hand).


That's all. Have a great week!

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