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Creative Writing Contest

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I originally designed this task for my students who are preparing for independent school entrance exams, although it is applicable to anyone who enjoys a creative writing challenge. Description and detail, rather than crazy plot twists, are key. A truly skilled writer will be able to pump life into the blandest of story lines. To this end, I have come up with the most boring story line I could think of. The challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to make it interesting through language alone.


A girl/boy/person goes to the shops, buys a loaf of bread, then goes back home.

Boring right? So make it exciting!


Before writing, you should come up with a PLAN. You should consider details such as:

  • Who the person is - you may write in the third person, first person (I), or even the second.

  • Think about the setting - perhaps try to imagine a situation in which buying a loaf of bread is not as ordinary as it seems.

  • Details of the journey - things may happen along the way (as long as it doesn't involve being kidnapped by aliens!), describe how the character is feeling etc.

  • Why they are getting bread - perhaps it becomes clear at the end (plot twist, but avoid aliens)

  • It may be humorous or serious.

  • You don't have to tell it in chronological order...

  • ...but the basic elements of the story must be unchanged (shop, bread, home)

Give it plenty of thought, then you will be ready to start writing.

While writing. With a plan in mind, you can devote your full attention to HOW you tell the story i.e. PLENTY of ambitious and descriptive vocabulary, perhaps a simile, some personification etc.

After writing, check carefully for accurate spelling, punctuation & grammar (SPaG).

You should also add a TITLE.

LENGTH: aim for 1 side of A4 paper (minimum half a side; max. 2 sides)


DEADLINE: 30th November, 2021

THE WINNER will be the one who tells the story in the most original way, using interesting vocabulary & techniques. Spelling, punctuation & grammar (SPaG) should also be accurate.

THE PRIZE will be...

  • ...the honour of winning (yay!)

  • Also, the winning piece will be displayed in the next blog (anonymously, but with your age and year group), together with my full feedback on why I liked it. Runners-up will have snippets of their work displayed, with comments.

  • In addition, a photo of the following rosette shall somehow be attached (digitally) to the winning piece.

It is, you may notice, a rosette that my dog won in a recent dog contest. The category was 'Dog with the Waggiest Tail' - I feel this is just about relevant to creative writing, if you think of it as a metaphor.

So who shall be the winner of the prestigious 'Dog with the Waggiest Tail' award? I look forward to reading your responses.

Good luck! May the dog with the waggiest tail (metaphorically speaking) win!

P.S. I am also planning my own story to the above brief, which I shall share with you after the winners have been announced.

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