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My Method

I combine technology with a methodical approach to develop independent learning skills and an enquiring mind.  The lesson usually begins with a screen share of homework set in the previous lesson. Detailed feedback is given before moving on to the new learning aim of the day. 

A selection of my resources & home library (with more in digital format)

As much as knowledge, I aim to instil an approach to learning that will benefit children beyond the direct tutoring that they receive.  I frequently set research tasks for homework and we discuss study techniques such as note-taking and information recall. 

I aim to create an enjoyable learning experience (rather than regarding it as a chore). In this way, my learners develop a positive attitude towards learning which ultimately leads to greater success.

I draw on a large quantity of resources and sample papers. I may design a PowerPoint presentation to reinforce learning and have created a number of study sets on apps such as Quizlet to build vocabulary. Every few weeks I carry out an assessment to encourage students to review learning and  to provide a sense of progression.   

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Reading Comprehension

PowerPoint and Zoom tools to show technique