Creative writing is a requirement for many schools, and can be a source of anxiety for those who have not been adequately prepared.  With guided practice and expert feedback, I can help learners harness their creativity and turn it into something extraordinary.

I have 25 years of teaching experience, including 6 years as an 11+ tutor, a PGCE, a Master's in Linguistics, and an enthusiasm for tutoring which is reflected in the testimonials/successes.  Read on to find out how can help you/your child.

My name is Vicky and I specialise in the 9-11 age group as they prepare for the important transition from primary to secondary school. This includes preparation for English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  I also support students to write academically throughout secondary school and into further/higher education.   


Any combination of:  

Reading Comprehension,


General English,

Maths or EFL

If writing is your child's area of need, I invite you to sit down with them and consider the following question:

What makes a good piece of writing?

To put it another way:

What are examiners looking for?

Give it some thought, then access my free checklist: 

Thank you. The checklist will be sent to you shortly.

In order to develop these skills, read on.

If you would like to discuss your needs and how I can help,


My daughter was preparing for the 11+. She’s very bright but the exams are so competitive! I needed to make sure she was doing the very best that she is capable of.  Vicky pointed out areas that could be improved and explained gaps in her knowledge. As an anxious parent, Vicky was on hand if I needed to discuss anything. Hannah passed several grammar school tests and was offered bursary places at 3 independent schools (including one scholarship!). She took the place at Wimbledon High School but also had offers from Putney High School and JAGS. We are very proud and very grateful of all the help Vicky gave us.     [Parent/Hannah, 11]

Usually we use the Bond books and can check the answers ourselves. But we don’t speak English at home and some of the questions have lots of ways to answer.  Vicky lets us send photos to whats app and they go over them together.  It’s efficient way and she always explains very well.  We are very happy with her service and will give a high recommendation. Thank you so much:) 


[Parent of KM, 9 years old]              

Awesome!! Vicky helps me with English and maths. She shows me a different way to think about it and makes it easy to understand. I look forward to the lessons each week.


[NN, 9 years old]                      

        Read every day

         Be observant

         Write often

         Experiment with new words and styles

         Get feedback to help perfect your skills


Top tips to improve your child's writing:

- find an author that you enjoy

- when reading (interesting words/ideas) and when out & about

- keeping a journal is a good idea (describe your observations)

to help you on your journey.

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